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Our product portfolio ranges from all nonwoven fabrics , microdot non woven fabrics, nonwoven for medical, nonwoven bags raw materials(all kind of nonwoven bags fabrics) to warp and weft knitted interlinings and fabrics.

We specialize in sourcing and manufacturing an impressive range of fabrics for a wide variety of applications for Medical, Gio-textiles, Nonwoven Bags and Garments.

Our Story

Given our presence in the market since 1994, Sri Sri NonWovens (India), established in 2016 has since become one of the leading Manufacturers and Importers of various woven, non woven, and knitted non-woven fabrics in the Indian textile industry.

Meet the Team

“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. People come first.”

With the right ‘business operations’ in place, your company will achieve success:


Mr. Kishor

Founder & CEO

As a company CEO, I have a vision to take non-woven industries way beyond imagination


Mr. Tejas

Vice President

5 years in marketing business


Mr. Ankur

Head Marketing Manager

5 years in marketing business

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